The House of Musie Le Kalyan is a specialized hookah and tasting club with heart and with a history. One of the very first in Russia, it was opened as far back as the beginning of the year 2014. And to the present day, it is filled with new, beautiful, cozy and breathtaking spirit. It is a place created solely for your pleasure, dear friends! It is best known for its refinement and high quality.) The entire concept is based on events and legends from the life of Musie Le Kalyan. Oh, he was really a decent chap! Here is the legend:

It is not known for certain, where and when Musie Le Kalyan lived. Some assume, that he was British and dealt with deliveries of Arabian products to the Old World. Others claim that Musie Le Kalyan was a Tibetan monk, practicing the art of smoking hookah to reach the internal harmony, experimented with lots of different kinds of tobacco mixes and reached the age of 150 years. Some believe that he was a Frenchman, who personally knew Napoleon. And, believe it or not, sometimes they smoked hookah together while discussing world plans.

There is also a hypothesis that Musie Le Kalyan lived in Russia, planning to introduce hookah-fashion into the Russian court, however the revolution changed his plans. In any case, there are no scientific or historical documents proving the existence of Musie Le Kalyan. He was not a famous general, conqueror or Henry Ford. However, he was a real fan of hookah, who advocated the fact that people need to learn how to make hookah the right way, and be able to enjoy the colorful aroma and thick smoke. We highly appreciate his efforts and will try to do our best to make his work and ideas exist for a long time. Sometimes we receive some pieces of information about this outstanding person, we will analyze them and share them with you.